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Jersey Cows Have a Home at Cook Farm Too!


Jersey Cows were first introduced to our herd around 1990. Gordie Cook bought the farms first Jersey for his youngest daughter, Kim, as a way to get her involved in the family's farming business. Today, Hank Cooks youngest daughter, Annalise, owns all the Jerseys you see on the farm after buying out her siblings. Psst.. they didn't charge much in the buy out ($1 each) as it had been clear all along that Annalise was their caregiver. You can see more of the farms Jersey and Holstein cows on the Instagram Annalise runs: CookFarmCalves. 


Cook-Farm Record Duncan Georgia EX 92

6-02 2x 365d 23,810 5.4 1284 3.8 911
7-06 2x 365d 24,464 5.8 1427 3.9 952 
Sire: Highland Magic Duncan

Dam: Recordridge Imperialinger EX 93

2nd Dam: Wa-Ke-Tas Great Ginger Nellie VG 86

Click here for her pedigree.


Byrant Hill Imperial Star EX 94

2-11 2x  290 14,710 6.2  918  4.2 612
3-10 2x  365 20,939 7.2 1504 4.4 917

5-04 2x  365 24,343 6.2 1499 4.0 981

Sire: Meadow Lawn J Imperial 50R-ET 

Dam: Bryant Hill Indian Summer Star

2nd Dam: Bryant Hill Indian Summer​

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