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We strive hard to create a unique product, made by hand right in our store, in small batches.  

We enjoy working with local businesses to create a unique flavor that's perfect for your needs.  


All of our ice cream is available for wholesale.  Please contact us for wholesale pricing or if you're interested in creating that unique flavor.




-Your customers care about the local economy. They
support local businesses. They eat at local restaurants.
By carrying local products, such as Flayvors Ice Cream,
you send the message that you care about the local
economy too! In the Pioneer Valley, serving delicious food and sharing your customers’ values is a recipe for success!


-Flayvors is known and loved throughout the Valley. Whether they have tried the ice cream themselves or have heard good things, many of your customers will know the Flayvors name. A dessert item known to be delicious and local has far more appeal than a generic offering.


-We will work with you to create a unique flavor for your restaurant. Together, we can create a delicious flavor that fits well with your restaurant and isn’t served anywhere else.


-Our prices are highly competitive. If you partner with us you will be able to serve a delicious, local product without breaking the bank.

Our Customers Will be Your Customers

- Our patrons trust us to partner with the best restaurants in the area. Knowing that we have selected your restaurant to sell our product, our customers will be more likely to patronize your establishment.

Free Promotion

- We will advertise the fact that our ice cream is available at your restaurant, both online and in-store. You will reach a whole new set of potential customers as a result of the advertising we will do on your behalf. 


Call today to see if we can create the perfect ice cream for your company.
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