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Our raw milk license allows us to sell raw milk, only.  We are not allowed to produce anything with the raw milk for selling.  However, you can purchase raw milk and make all sorts of yummy things. Yogurt, cheese, kefir and much more!  


We sell yogurt and kefir cultures as well as many cheesemaking supplies including kits, rennet, cheesecloth, etc.



Here are a couple recipes for you to try:



1 gallon milk (whole or raw work the best)

1 tsp pectin

1-2 tbs yogurt or yogurt starter

3-4 tsp vanilla extract (optional for vanilla yogurt)

1+ cup sugar (optional for vanilla yogurt, adjust amount to taste)


Warm milk slowly to 160- 170 degrees and hold this temperature for about 15 minutes, carefully stirring to prevent sticking to the bottom.

Add pectin and let cool to 120 degrees.  (Optional, for vanilla yogurt, add extract and sugar at any point after the pectin.)

Turn oven on to lowest temperature, ideally close to 120 degrees.  Once up to temperature, shut oven off and turn on oven light.

Once at 120 degrees, add the yogurt or commercial starter.  Do not let milk cool below 115 degrees.

Put into containers and place into the warm oven for 8-12 hours.

Then refrigerate.  That’s it!  Delicious yogurt made at home.


Mozzarella (from


1 & 1/2 tsp citric acid

1/4 tab of rennet

Gallon of whole milk (NOT ultra pasturized as it will not work)


(optional, Lipase may be added to the milk to provide a typical italian cheese flavor)


Add 1 & 1/2 tsp. Citric Acid diluted in 1cup cool water to 1 gallon of cold milk.

Heat slowly to 90F

Remove pot from burner slowly stir 1/4 tab or 1/4tsp of rennet diluted in 1/4cup. cool water for 30sec. Cover and leave for 5 minutes.

Check the curd, it will look like custard and the whey will be clear.  If too soft let set a few more minutes.

Now cut the curd into 1 inch squares with a knife that reaches the bottom of the pot.

Place pot back on stove and heat to 105F while stirring slowly. (If you will be stretching in water heat to 110F)

Take off the burner and continue sirring slowly for 2-5 minutes. Transfer the curd to a colander or bowl using a slotted spoon.

Notice how the curd is beginning to get firmer as the whey drains.

Continue separating the curd and notice the color of the whey.

Drain the whey from the curd while gently pressing to aid whey runoff.

Using a heat proof bowl microwave on High for 1 min. pour off the whey.

Knead and reheat for 30sec, repeat if needed until the curd is 135F, almost too hot to handle.

Now the fun begins,
knead the curd as you would bread dough

Remove curd from bowl and continue kneading, return it to the microwave if needed.

At this point, if hot enough, it will begin to stretch, and stretch, and stretch some more this is what makes it Mozzarella.

Now knead it back into a big ball until it is smooth and shiny.


Check out this link to New England Cheesemaking Supply Company for many more recipes!


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